XX6 BLE Disc-Lock Alarm

Stainless-Steel w Bluetooth

On-The-Go Scooter Security: BLE Smart Module

Your XENA BLE lock can connect to your Smartphone.
This allows the user to tailor the alarm settings
and check battery condition.
Mono-bloc 304 stainless-steel body and piercing 120dB alarm,
hardened-steel 6mm pushdown locking pin.

This fist-sized lump of metal is possibly the most convenient, best value and effective motorcycle security device available today.

Lock Features

  • 6mm Hardened-Steel Pin
  • Pushdown-Locking System
  • Stainless-Steel Body
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Maximum Security Key & Barrel
  • Ice Spray-Resistant

Alarm Features

  • Bluetooth Smart Module
  • 120dB Alarm
  • Shock & Movement Sensors


  • XCA Cable Adaptor
  • XENA XCA Cable Adaptor Set
  • XGA Ground Anchor


  • Weight (g): 483
  • Battery: 1 x CR2 3v Lithium

Fits most motorcycles and large scooters.

Secure Key

Unique XENA key & barrel highly resistant to pick attack.


High-strength carbide-reinforced locking pin.


Quick start and
troubleshooting videos.

Smartphone Control

Connect to XENA smartphone app for iOS or Android.

120dB Alarm

Adjust volume and sensitivity of your XENA BLE alarm.

Battery Monitor

Monitor alarm battery, receive notification when it is low.

Alarm Timing

Set alarm duration and number of seconds delay.