XGA Ground Anchor

XGA Ground Anchor

Get Grounded.

XGA Ground Anchor

The Ideal Home Base Lockdown Solution.

Simple to use and install, convenient and extremely strong. Folds flat when not in use, safe to drive over. For use with all XENA chains with XCA15 chain adaptor for XX15 disc-lock alarms (sold separately).

The whole enchilada

XGA Features

  • High-Grade Steel Ground Anchor.
  • Massively Strong 3-Tonne Pull Strength
  • Drive-Over Strong, Folds Flat
  • Concentric Plate 360-Degree Spin
  • Single-Bolt Fixing, Easy To Install
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Ice Spray-Resistant

XGA Accessories

  • XCA Chain Adaptor
  • XX15 Disc-Lock Alarm
  • XC Series Hardened-Steel Chains

XGA Specifications

  • Weight (g): 1,700g

What’s In The Box

  • XGA Ground Anchor
  • Expanding Bolt
  • Allen Key


  • 20mm Masonry Drill Bit (Not Supplied)
XGA Body Dimensions

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