25 Years of High-Performance Innovation.

Who’s on your Motorcycle?

Who’s on your Motorcycle?

XX15 BLE Disc Lock Alarm

Disc-lock alarms, chains, ground anchors & more.

Ducati Diavel Configurator


Choose the right XENA for your motorcycle or scooter.


Before & after sales assistance, keys & more.


Strong, Loud, Smart.

XENA Bluetooth locks can connect to your Smartphone. Set your XENA the way you want it… choose alarm volume levels and duration, customize sensitivity to shock & movement, check battery level and more.

Register your XENA.

Technology & Innovation.

We make strong, loud, smart connected locks.

Friends with #xenafits

Post a photo of your XENA lock on your motorbike and you could WIN 
a new XENA X2 disc-lock!

XENA in The Andes: 4,800m up and 16 below

XENA in The Andes: 4,800m up and 16 below

Even in the middle of nowhere, we camp with XENA locks on the motorbikes… the alarm wakes us up if animals or curious locals try to meddle with them!

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