XENA camping in the Andes

XENA camping in the Andes

XENA camping in the Andes

4,800m up and 16 below

“Here’s one of my XENA disc-lock alarm (you really have to zoom in to see it on the black bike) while we’re camping in the Andes at 4,800m altitude and -16 degrees centigrade.

Our coldest night of camping ever

@bruce_and_llesyri on Instagram

“Our coldest night of camping ever. Even in the middle of nowhere, we camp with bike locks on the bikes because the alarm will wake us up if animals or curious locals try to meddle with them.

For the kind of long-distance travel we do, the most useful part of the lock is the motion detector alarm. When not camping in the Andes, when we are sleeping in hostels in 3rd world countries, we try to park the bike outside our room’s window. So we can use the alarm to wake us up if someone touches the bike.”

@bruce_and_llesyri on Instagram are travelling with an XX6 disc-lock alarm from XENa Security