XZZ6L Disc-Lock Alarm


The ideal scooter lock

Strong, light, portable steel lock with piercing 120dB alarm.

It's a Lock...
A high-grade steel mono-block body and 6mm pushdown-locking, hardened-steel pin give the XZZ Series XENA's broadest fit profile. The most effective portable security solution for your scooter, e-bike or smaller motorcycle. See fitment guide for details.
...And an Alarm
Shock & motion sensors trigger a piercing 120dB anti-theft alarm powered by a single CR2 long-life Lithium battery. Self-arming, with no on-off switch, re-sets to armed mode within 15 seconds. One year battery life. Weather-proofed alarm module slips out for easy servicing/battery changes.
Resources: Download the XZZ Series User Manual. For a short video showing how the XZZ6L works on the brake disc, click here. To read more about the unique features of this XENA disc-lock alarm, click on the icons below.

120dB Auto-Arming MoveSensor Pushdown 6mm38_1