XCA15 Chain Adaptor

The XENA Security XCA15 Chain Combo your disc-lock alarm from the brake disc to a fixed object with an innovative adaptor for massively level strong multi-level security.


This innovative design extends the reach of the XENA XX15 disc-lock alarm to tether your motorcycle to a fixed object such as a pole or ground anchor — all with your XENA disc-lock in place on the brake disc.
Simply loop the cable through the adaptor, position in the disc-slot of your XENA disc-lock alarm and lock in place as normal.
Lock and alarm your scooter or motorbike with the XZA 150 cable and adaptor, perfect for locking helmets and other accessories. Includes a snug-fit stainless-steel adaptor resistant to wedge attack.
For use with XENA XX15 Disc-Lock Alarm and XENA XC or XCH Chain*