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AIMExpo Orlando Booth 340

16-19 October 2014



Advanced Bluetooth Smart Alarm from XENA

NEW for 2015, XENA is excited to announce upgraded electronics across the whole range of its iconic alarmed locks for the first time since 1999. With the introduction of BLE to the alarm component, users will now be able to customise and control all alarm module functions direct from their smart phone.

The introduction of Bluetooth connectivity marks the biggest advance in XENA Security alarm technology for over a decade.

The most important new features:

  • NEW three-axis accelerometer replaces XENA’s standard movement sensor.
  • Ultra-low power BLE 4.4 (Bluetooth Low Energy) communicates with other devices.
  • Smartphone-based app for custom setup, adjustment and monitoring of alarm.
  • Introduction of GPS-GSM to allow instant SMS warning and GPS tracking.

What this means for XENA users:

Adjust movement sensor sensitivity.

  • The user can set sensitivity to suit their preference, adjust to conditions and record presets.

Adjust alarm activation delay.

  • Time before alarm goes off after detecting shock or movement.

Adjust alarm duration before reset to armed mode.

  • In the event of a false trigger, let’s say a cat jumps on the bike, the user can opt to make the first alarm sound for only 5 seconds, so as not to unduly disturb neighbours and then progressively longer in the event of someone actually tampering with the lock.

Adjust siren volume.

  • Note this too can follow the path of the activation time with the alarm progressively becoming louder each time the alarm is triggered within a given time frame so again minimising undue disturbances.

Adjust siren sound.

  • The user can select the sound best suited to their conditions, choosing from several built-in sirens or even uploading their own – an unprecedented level of personalisation.

Check battery level.

  • Until now, the low battery (low level ticking sound) indicator has been the user’s only sign of battery life. With the BLE app, battery level can be tracked and action taken.

Check and track number of times alarm triggered and when.

  • The BLE application lets smart phone users check and track data related to each individual triggering event: how many times, when it occurred and where.

Automatic registration and warranty status updates.

  • The BLE application lets smart phone users register their lock in our database automatically, giving us precise data on when it was purchased and where. Automated registration lets XENA notify the customer when the lock comes to, for example, four weeks from warranty expiration. This would allow us to make offers to customers to extend warranty and/or provide linked offers for discounts on after-sales service kits, batteries or upgrades.

Custom settings.

  • Custom settings can be saved as presets, such as City, Village, Garage, indoor/outdoor, day/night. These settings would automatically adjust all parameters to best suit conditions.

Active filtering to prevent false alarms.

  • In a very noisy environment (eg, beside a busy main road), vibration and noise from fast-moving traffic may lead to false alarms. Active filtering allows background noise to be filtered out, dramatically reducing the number of false alarms.

Remote triggering of alarm by BLE.

  • The user could trigger his alarm by using this application, or turn it off altogether.


Lock test self-test diagnostic.

  • The application would allow for a full diagnostic test of the alarm functions to ensure it is working correctly.

Additional functions.

  • BLE allows the alarm to connect to other accessories such as GPS GSM module attached directly to the bike and connect to the alarm automatically once the alarm is armed.
  • Simply, this will allow for an SMS message to be sent to the owner if the alarm is triggered; in its most sophisticated guise the bike can be tracked in real time should it be stolen.

Technical notes.

  • The addition of BLE will not reduce the battery life of the alarm module and can in fact increase it via active power management and the use of better software.
  • The BLE app will only be compatible with IOS7 or higher and Android 4.3 or higher.
  • “What if I do not have a smart phone?” The alarm works normally on default settings.

Additional marketing features.

  • Applications will be available in all major languages.
  • Help feature will be built in to application for problem solving.
  • Distributors can tailor graphics on apps for co-branding with XENA.
  • The introduction of a feature-rich Premium App version.