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XENA disc-lock alarms combine two security systems in one solid product. All models protect your motorcycle, scooter, ATV or other disc-braked vehicle from theft. The alarm can also help remind you to remove your disc-lock before you ride.

Simply the world's finest disc-lock design...
XENA disc-locks combine the highest-quality steel lock body and electronic components with a unique high-security key and barrel. We invite you to pick one up at your local dealer. Our build quality speaks for itself.

...With a 120dB alarm built right in
Auto-arming and maintenance free, all XENA disc-lock alarms have a siren triggered by shock and motion sensors. At source, the new XX Series alarm has been rated a piercing 120dB -- as loud as a rock concert.

A guide to XENA's unique lock and alarm features
The icons below can be found on the individual product pages on this site and on all XENA packaging. 

Please send your questions to info@xenasecurity.com.
Double-Locking System

Double-Locking System
What we mean by "Double-Locking"
In a conventional disc-lock, the locking-pin is the weakest point. With XENA's double-locking system, body and locking pin act as one piece of metal, making it virtually impossible to remove the lock by wedging, hammering or other method.

...And what it means for thieves
Pictured at right: a XENA XN15 double-locking disc-lock after several minutes of brutal hammer and wedge attack from independent testers at Classe SRA France. Note that XENA's build quality and double-locking pin mean that despite the awesome force applied, the XENA remains locked.

Push Down Locking System
Push-down locking system disc-locks works with a simple push and click. The spring-loaded locking pins pops out when unlocked.
Corrosion Resistant
XENA locks are constructed from high-grade stainless, inert gas-hardened and chro-moly steels. Quality materials, top-notch design and rugged build-quality make XENA locks highly resistant to the elements for years of use in top condition.
Carbide Reinforced
Carbide-reinforced locking pin. Locking pins are re-enforced with carbide, offering maximum resistance to saw and angle-grinder attack.
120dB Alarm
XX14, XX10, XX6 and the new XZZ6L disc-lock alarms feature a 120dB alarm to warn thieves. Powered by a single CR2 long-life Lithium battery for a louder, richer alarm sound and a more reliable power plant in a broad range of weather conditions.
Alarm automatically dis-arms.The alarm automatically arms when locked to the disc and disarms when removed. No need to remember to arm your alarm.
Shock & Movement Sensor
All XENA disc-lock alarms and Bullett-lock alarms use shock and motion sensors. Any metal-on-metal contact trips the shock sensor; any significant movement trips its counterpart.
Ice Spray Proof
Ice Spray Proof Thieves commonly use an ice spray to render cheap materials brittle and easier to crack. All XENA locks are designed to resist this type of attack.
18mm Locking Pin
18mm carbide-reinforced locking pin on XN18 disc-lock alarm. Saw, freeze-spray and tamper resistant to specifications exceeding requirements of testing bodies throughout the UK and Europe.
14mm Locking Pin
14mm locking pin in all 14 Series and 15 Series disc-lock alarms and X2 alarm-less disc-lock. All XN Series pins are carbide-reinforced. Saw, freeze-spray and tamper resistant, internationally test and certified. 
10mm Locking Pin
XENA 10mm hardened-steel locking pin on XN10 (with carbide underpinning) and XD10. Saw, freeze-spray and tamper resistant to specs exceeding requirements of testing bodies throughout the UK and Europe.
8mm Locking Pin
8mm stainless-steel locking pin on XZN8 disc-lock alarms. Saw and tamper resistant to specifications exceeding requirements of testing bodies throughout the UK and Europe. Fits broad range of sport and commuter bikes (see XENA Fitment chart).
6mm Locking pin
6mm hardened-steel locking pin on XR1, XZ1 and new XZZ6 as well as X1 alarm-less disc-locks. Saw and tamper resistant to exceed requirements of testing bodies throughout the UK and Europe. Fits virtually any brake disc.
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